On-Going Work – Presenting Research Activity by Theme

Our follow on work involves working with RCUK to enhance the version of the activity classification scheme available.

There is a version currently available (see pdf and excel at bottom of the page):


We are trying to get the unique code for each class added to the list to facilitate maintenance of the lists.

We have a version of the list on our data registry so will be able to demonstrate how research activity can be displayed by theme.  Having the full codes will mean we can deploy this against our publications too and make even better use of our data.

In addition I have been trying to ensure that the G4HE project http://g4he.wordpress.com/ considers how we can obtain research theme along with grant details for import to our systems.  This would save re-keying of information from notifications, and the research theme would add value.








Encapsulate Event (14 March) notes

The event at Glasgow went well yesterday. Our thanks to everyone who attended for providing feedback. Also thanks to the team at Glasgow for the venue and cakes!  Matt has already provided a link to the slides in his post yesterday.

Points that were raised during the discussion

  • Not everyone will interpret the same meaning from a keyword or themes but the RCUK themes used in the assessment are reasonably user friendly to most audience types (academics, businesses) – although not perfect for anyone!
  • We discussed the need for some degree of human interaction for themes to be meaningful when they are applied to the EPrints data as the same word can mean different things in different context. We can’t  fully automate this without some checks by a real person.
  • Q. Could the system provide the HEI contact with information about the applicants areas of interest/the projects they have been viewing on the system
    • A. Yes, we can provide reports to the HEI for monitoring and pro-active follow up
  • Q. Could other research outputs could be added to the content to add value
    • If these are stored somewhere these is no reason why not
  • Q. Could we link to several different Universities data sources and provide response to enquirer using it all
    • Yes, the Venture Navigator assessment could aggregate the repositories of several institutions and provide results from several institutions at once.

Slides from today’s Encapsulate workshop

As promised, here are the slides from today’s event (this version includes screenshots that help illustrate the live demo):

Encapsulate Glasgow Workshop March 2013

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me (Matthew.Barr@glasgow.ac.uk) or Phin (pwenlock@essex.ac.uk) an email.

OIA2R Meeting in York

Dawid reports from last week’s JISC OIA2R meeting:

Last Wednesday I attended a OIA2R meeting in York, which focused on finding out how did the projects do over the past several months and what is going to happen next. Encapsulate did very well in my opinion. We have created an EPrints plugin (http://bazaar.eprints.org/266/) that allows other repositories to open their data to resources such as Venture Navigator, as well as other systems that support open standard data interchange formats.

The Venture Navigator assessment has been accessed by over 30 businesses so far, from which there were 3 queries to Glasgow RSIO office. Venture Navigator is currently in talk with other EPrint repositories that could broaden the resources available to businesses.

Encapsulate Event at the University of Glasgow

Register your place now for our event on 14 March 2013.

Over the past 12 months a team from the Universities of Glasgow and Essex has been working on a JISC funded project known as Encapsulate. The aim of the project has been to target and remedy the problems businesses encounter in finding relevant academic expertise when initially seeking HEI support. The project has focussed on interfacing Glasgow’s “Enlighten” EPrints repository with the “VentureNavigator” online business support service run by Essex.

With the pilot service launched we’d like to invite you to a short event that will provide an overview of the project and a demonstration of the pilot. We hope to explore your views on the outputs of the project as well as seeking feedback on opportunities for future development and collaboration.


Location: McKenna Room, 708 Library (Level 7), Glasgow University, Hill Head Street

10.30 – 11.00 Registration (Tea/Coffee)

11.00 – 11.30 Project Overview and Demonstration

11.30 – 11.50 Questions and Discussion

11.50 – 12.00 Conclusion and Close

To request a place please email:  Matthew.Barr@glasgow.ac.uk

Transferability Workshop

We held a succesful online workshop last week on the transferability of the work we have been doing. We were pleased to welcome colleagues from Warwick, LSE, Essex and Glasgow, who are all EPrints sites. We’d like to convey our sincere thanks for their participation.

There was definite interest in the subject of exposing research repositories to businesses. Much of the discussion revolved around quite how you categorise or index the contents of a repository to make it understandable by businesses. This is something the project has wrestled with and it seems we are no the only ones – the repository managers at the workshop are asking the same questions.

The feedback we received at this event will contribute to our final report which will be available at the end of the project.

Encapsulate pilot released on VentureNavigator

The pilot Encapsulate assessment called “Access to Innovation” is now available on the VentureNavigator site. You can access is here. If you don’t already have a VentureNavigator account you will need to register first.

We’d be really please to receive any feedback. You can either comment on this post in the Reply box below or email me directly